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This page will guide you through the rebuild process of my project car

- MesaPerformance Aug'98 Car of the Month Winner! -
- Pokal winner in E21 class of Aug'06 Ybbs International BMW meeting -
- Pokal winner in E21 class of June'07 St. Poelten International BMW meeting -
- Pokal winner in E21 class of June '09 Tulln International BMW meeting -

Feel free to enter....


Created on 08-Oct-1998
Last update on 12-Oct-2022

Update history:
Other cars section updated: Audi A4 18" BBS, new 323i
Parts for sale section implemented
Shipping rules added
Images of pop out rear windows added
New Toy arrived: M3 E30
New M3 images
Parts for sale section updated - M3 E30 parts
Updated M3 workjournal, new M3 images
Parts for sale section updated - M20 carb manifold
Audi A4 rebuild
new images M3 E30 battery main switch
323i 2.7 clear turn signals rear
updated parts section
new 530d E39 section added
updated 530d and parts section
various updates in project car / M3 sections
updates to M3 /530d sections
new cat installation on 323i 2.7
updated parts section, new images M3
updated E21 project - BBS rims, strut bearing
update 284x22 brake upgrade
updated parts page, E39 section
updated project car work journal, parts page
oil cooler installation
homepage got new home
updated E39 section with winter '12 photos
added BMW X1, updated E21 and E39 section
updated X1 section - underhood insulation
updated X1 section, M3 section, added AC service
updated E39 section - M5 parking brake
updated E39 section - replacing rubber mounts
updated X1 section - LCI front bumper
added dedicated 323i E21 section
updated M3 work journal
webpage outage fixed, updated M3 work journal
added 328i E36 and Golf 3 TDI sections from my sons
updated X1 section - "big" hand brake pads
Golf 3 TDI section updated with new photos
webpage found new home @ horstl.5gbfree.com

updated 328i E36 section
Golf 3 TDI section updated with new photos
added 318d E46 touring section
updated 318d E46 section
webpage found new home @ bmw-e21-323i.000webhostapp.com
updated M3, project car, E46 section
added new section for 330xd E46
updated M3 E30 section with 17" BBS Rs












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